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Version: 12.x


Apiato migrations are just Laravel Migrations, and they function in the exact same way as Laravel migrations. However, they come with additional rules and conventions specific to Apiato.

To generate new migrations you may use the apiato:generate:migration interactive command:

php artisan apiato:generate:migration


  • All container-specific Migrations MUST be placed in the app/Containers/{Section}/{Container}/Data/Migrations directory.
  • All general Migrations MUST be placed in the app/Ship/Migrations directory.

Folder Structure

├── Containers
│ └── Section
│ └── Container
│ └── Data
│ └── Migrations
│ ├── 0000_01_01_000001_create_things_table.php
│ └── ...
└── Ship
└── Migrations
├── 0000_02_02_000002_create_another_things_table.php
└── ...

Code Example

Migrations are defined exactly as you would define them in Laravel.