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Version: 12.x


Apiato commands are just Laravel Commands, and they function in the exact same way as Laravel commands. However, they come with additional rules and conventions specific to Apiato.


  • All container-specific Commands MUST be placed in the app/Containers/{Section}/{Container}/UI/CLI/Commands directory.
  • All general Commands MUST be placed in the app/Ship/Commands directory.
  • All Commands:
    • MUST extend the App\Ship\Parents\Commands\ConsoleCommand class.
      • The parent extension SHOULD be aliased as ConsoleCommand.
    • SHOULD call an Action to perform its job, and SHOULD NOT contain any business logic.

Folder Structure

├── Containers
│ └── Section
│ └── Container
│ └── UI
│ └── CLI
│ └── Commands
│ ├── FirstCommand.php
│ ├── SecondCommand.php
│ └── ...
└── Ship
└── Commands
├── FirstCommand.php
├── SecondCommand.php
└── ...

Code Example

Commands are defined exactly as you would define them in Laravel.

Closure Commands

You can define your console closure commands in app/Ship/Commands/closures.php.