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Version: 12.x

Customized Laravel Components

Apiato provides a refined organization for Laravel default class locations. Here, you can find the default Laravel components and their corresponding locations within Apiato.


  • Http Kernel is moved from app/Http to app/Ship/Kernels and renamed to HttpKernel.

  • Console Kernel is moved from app/Console to app/Ship/Kernels and renamed to ConsoleKernel.


  • Middlewares are moved from app/Http/Middleware to app/Ship/Middlewares.


  • Exception Handler is moved from app/Exceptions to app/Ship/Exceptions/Handlers and renamed to ExceptionsHandler.


  • For information about the new locations of Providers, please refer to this link.


Web and API

Apiato introduces a new approach to route organization and does not use the default routes/web.php and routes/api.php files. Therefore, you won't find these files in Apiato. To learn more, please visit this link.


  • The channels.php file has been relocated from routes to app/Ship/Broadcasts.


  • The console.php file has been moved from routes to app/Ship/Commands and renamed to closures.php.