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Version: 12.x

Sub Actions

SubActions are designed to eliminate code duplication within Actions. They enable Actions to share a sequence of Tasks, thus promoting reusability. Similar to how Tasks enable Actions to share specific functionalities, SubActions serve to share a predefined set of Tasks.

All the features and capabilities available for regular Actions are also applicable to SubActions.

To generate new SubActions you may use the apiato:generate:subaction interactive command:

php artisan apiato:generate:subaction

Definition & Principles

Read Porto SAP Documentation (#Sub-Actions).


  • All SubActions:
    • MUST be placed in the app/Containers/{Section}/{Container}/Actions directory.
    • MUST extend the App\Ship\Parents\Actions\SubAction class.
      • The parent extension SHOULD be aliased as ParentSubAction.

Folder Structure

└── Containers
└── Section
└── Container
└── Actions
├── ValidateAddressSubAction.php
├── BuildOrderSubAction.php
└── ...

Code Example

use ...
use App\Ship\Parents\Actions\SubAction as ParentSubAction;

class DemoSubAction extends ParentSubAction
public function __construct(
private readonly DemoTask $demoTask
) {

public function run(array $data)
return $this->demoTask->run($data);