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Version: 9.x




  • are simple classes that can do one thing or multiple related things.
  • Job is a name given to a class that is usually created to be queued (it's execution is usually deferred for later, after the execution of previous Jobs are completed).
  • Jobs can be scheduled to be executed later by a queuing mechanism (queue system like beanstalkd).
  • When a Job class is dispatched, it performs its specific job and dies.
  • Laravel's queue worker will process every Job as it's pushed onto the queue.

More info here.


  • A Container MAY have more than one Job.


  • All Jobs MUST extend from App\Ship\Parents\Jobs\Job.

Folder Structure

 - app
- Containers
- {container-name}
- Jobs
- DoSomethingJob.php
- DoSomethingElseJob.php

Code Samples

CreateAndValidateAddress with third party Job:


namespace App\Containers\Shipment\Jobs;

use App\Port\Job\Abstracts\Job;

class CreateAndValidateAddressJob extends Job
private $recipients;

public function __construct(array $recipients)
$this->recipients = $recipients;

public function handle()
foreach ($this->recipients as $recipient) {
// do whatever you like

Check the parent Job class.

Usage from Action:


// using helper function
dispatch(new CreateAndValidateAddressJob($recipients));

// manually
App::make(\Illuminate\Contracts\Bus\Dispatcher\Dispatcher::class)->dispatch(New StatusChangedJob($object));

Execute Jobs Execution

For running your Jobs checkout the Tasks Queuing page.