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Version: 9.x

System Settings

At many cases you need to have some dynamic system settings, such as in a referral program, where you give 'gifts' to anyone who refers new users but, those gifts can be changed in the future, so it's better not have them statically created in the code, instead read from the database where an Admin can manage them at any time.

app/Containers/Settings Container helps to store and retrieve those key values settings. It also seeds the database with the default configurations during the installation.

Seed the default settings

Default Settings should be seeded in app/Containers/Settings/Database/Seeders/DefaultSystemSettingsSeeder.php

Read settings

$value = $this->findSettingsByKeyTask->run('whateverSettingsName');

You can search for settings by Key as in the example above, or create a class for each settings as follows:

$value = $this->findWhateverSettingsTask->run();