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Version: 11.x



Notifications allow you to inform the user about a state changes in your application.

The Laravel notifications supports sending notifications across a variety of channels (mail, SMS, Slack, Database...).

When using the Database channel, the notifications will be stored in a database to be displayed in your client interface.


  • Containers MAY or MAY NOT have one or more Notification.

  • Ship MAY contain Application general Notifications.


  • All Notifications MUST extend from App\Ship\Parents\Notifications\Notification.

Folder Structure

- app
- Containers
- {select-name}
- {container-name}
- Notifications
- UserRegisteredNotification.php
- ...
- Ship
- Notifications
- SystemFailureNotification.php
- ...

Code Samples

A Simple Notification

class BirthdayReminderNotification extends Notification implements ShouldQueue
use Queueable;

protected $notificationMessage;

public function __construct($notificationMessage)
$this->notificationMessage = $notificationMessage;

public function toArray($notifiable)
return [
'content' => $this->notificationMessage,

public function toMail($notifiable)
// $notifiable is the object you want to notify "e.g. user"
return (new MailMessage)
->subject("Hello World")
->line("Hi, $notifiable->name")

public function toSms($notifiable)
// ...

// ...

Usage from an Action or Task

Notifications can be sent from Actions or Tasks using the Notification Facade.

\Notification::send($user, new BirthdayReminderNotification($notificationMessage));

Alternatively you can use the Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable trait on the notifiable object "e.g. User" and then call it as follows:

// call notify, found on the Notifiable trait
$user->notify(new BirthdayReminderNotification($notificationMessage));

Select Channels

To select a notification channel, apiato have the app/Ship/Configs/notification.php config file where you can define the array of supported channels "e.g. SMS, Email, WebPush...", to be used for all your notifications.

If you want to override the configuration for some notifications classes, or if you prefer to define the channels within each notification class itself, you can override the via function public function via($notifiable) in the notification class and define your channels.

Checkout laravel notification channels for list of supported integrations.

Queueing a Notification

To queue a notification you should use Illuminate\Bus\Queueable and implement Illuminate\Contracts\Queue\ShouldQueue.

Use DB channel

Generally you need to generate the notification migration php artisan notifications:table, then run php artisan migrate, however just running the migration command will do the job, since Apiato already adds the _create_notifications_table.php in the default migrations files directory app/Ship/Migrations/.

Further reading

More info at Laravel Docs.