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Version: 9.x



Seeders (are a short name for Database Seeders).

Seeders are classes made to seed the database with real data, this data usually should exist in the Application after the installation (Example: the default Users Roles and Permissions or the list of Countries).


  • Seeders SHOULD be created in the Containers. (If the container is using a package that publishes a Seeder class, this class should be manually placed in the Container that make use of it. Do not reply on the package to place it on its right location).


  • Seeders should be in the right directory inside the container to be loaded.

  • To avoid any conflict between containers seeders classes, you SHOULD always prepend the Seeders of each container with the container name. (Example: UserPermissionsSeeder, ItemPermissionsSeeder). If 2 seeders classes have the same name but live in different containers, one of them will not be loaded.

  • If you wish to order the seeding of the classes, you can just append _1, _2 to your classes.

Folder Structure#

- App
- Containers
- {container-name}
- Data
- Seeders
- ContainerNameRolesSeeder_1.php
- ContainerNamePermissionsSeeder_2.php
- ...

Code Samples#

Roles Seeder:

namespace App\Containers\Order\Data\Seeders;
use App\Ship\Parents\Seeders\Seeder;
use Apiato\Core\Foundation\Facades\Apiato;
class OrderPermissionsSeeder_1 extends Seeder
public function run()
Apiato::call('[email protected]', ['approve-reject-orders']);
Apiato::call('[email protected]', ['find-orders']);
Apiato::call('[email protected]', ['list-orders']);
Apiato::call('[email protected]', ['update-orders']);
Apiato::call('[email protected]', ['delete-orders']);
// ...

Note: Same Seeder class is allowed to contain seeding for multiple Models.

Run the Seeders#

After registering the Seeders you can run this command:

php artisan db:seed

To run specific Seeder class you can specify its class in the parameter as follows:

php artisan db:seed --class="your\single\seeder\goes-here"

Migrate & seed at the same time

php artisan migrate --seed

For more information about the Database Seeders read this.

Apiato testing seeder command#

It's useful sometimes to create a big set of testing data. apiato facilitates this task:

  1. Open app/Ship/Seeders/SeedTestingData.php and write your testing data here.
  2. Run this command any time you want this data available (example at staging servers):
php artisan apiato:seed-test
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