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Version: 9.x

Tasks Scheduling

Tasks Scheduler:

  • is a script executor program, such as "Cron Job". (Cron Job is a time-based scripts scheduler in Unix-like computer operating systems).
  • its role is to schedule the execution of CLI Commands "Artisan Commands", periodically at fixed times, dates, or intervals.
  • Laravel has a wrapper around the "Cron Job" called the Laravel scheduler. This allows the framework to schedule class like and Artisan Commands, Queued Jobs in addition to custom Shell Commands, to run later.

Below is a quick guide for how to schedule some scripts execution such as (custom Shell Commands, Laravel Commands, Laravel Jobs, and other classes), in order to run at specific intervals or dates.

Server Setup#

First let's set it up, by adding our single Cron entry, on the server. As follows:

1) Type crontab -e

2) At the last line add the following: * * * * * php /path-to-your-project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Don't forget to replace the path-to-your-project.

More details here.

App Setup#

First you need to create some commands, that needs to be scheduled. They can be created in the Containers (app/Containers/{container-name}/UI/CLI/Commands) or in the Ship (app/Ship/Commands). See the Commands Page.

Once you have your command ready, go to app/Ship/Kernels/ConsoleKernel.php and start adding the commands you need to schedule inside the schedule function.


protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)
$schedule->job(new myJob)->hourly();
$schedule->exec('touch me.txt')->dailyAt('12:00');
// ...

More details here.

NOTE: you do not need to register the commands with the $commands property or point to them in the commands() function. Apiato will do that automatically for you.

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