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Version: 9.x


Definition & Principles#

Read from the Porto SAP Documentation (#Models).


  • All Models MUST extend from App\Ship\Parents\Models\Model.
  • If the name of a model differs from the Container name you have to set the $container attribute in the repository - more details.

Folder Structure#

- App
- Containers
- {container-name}
- Models
- User.php
- UserId.php
- ...

Code Sample#

namespace App\Containers\Demo\Models;
use App\Ship\Parents\Models\Model;
class Demo extends Model
protected $table = 'demos';
protected $fillable = [
protected $hidden = [
protected $casts = [
'total_credits' => 'float',
protected $dates = [
public function user()
return $this->belongsTo(\App\Containes\User\Models\User::class);

Notice the Demo Model has a relationship with User Model, which lives in another Container.


The casts attribute can be used to parse any of the model's attributes to a specific type. In the code sample below we can cast total_credits to float.

More information about the applicable cast-types can be found in the laravel eloquent-mutators documentation.

You can place any dates inside the $dates to parse those automatically.

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