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Version: 9.x

Requests Monitor

Apiato provides a simple and easy way to monitor and log all the HTTP requests coming to your application.

The request monitor can be very useful when testing and debugging your frontend Apps which consume your API. Especially when the frontend apps (Mobile, Web,...) are built by other developers who are far from you.

The requests monitor is provided by the Debugger Container, by a RequestsMonitorMiddleware middleware.

Enable requests logging

From the .env file set REQUESTS_DEBUG to true.

Now in order for this to start displaying the results you need to enable the debugging mode in Laravel by setting APP_DEBUG to true in the .env as well.


Simply tail the log file

tail -f storage/logs/debugger.log


Screenshot example:

Change the default log file

By default, everything is logged in the debugger.log file, to change the default file go to Debugger/Configs/debugger.php config file and set the file name:



| Log File
| What to name the log file in the `storage/log` path.

'log_file' => 'debugger.log',

This feature is provided by the Debugger Container via its RequestsMonitorMiddleware middleware.

To see the results go ahead and Tail the default Laravel debug file tail -f storage/logs/laravel.log.

Note: this will also not run in Testing environments, to enable it you need to manually edit the Middleware.