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Version: 9.x

Rate Limiting

apiato uses the default Laravel middleware for rate limiting (throttling).

All REST API requests are throttled to prevent abuse and ensure stability. The exact number of calls that your application can make per day varies based on the type of request you are making.

The rate limit window is 1 minute per endpoint, with most individual calls allowing for 30 requests in each window.

In other words, each user is allowed to make 30 calls per endpoint every 1 minute. (For each unique access token).

To update these values go to app/Ship/Configs/apiato.php config file, or to the ENV file.

'throttle' => [
'enabled' => env('API_RATE_LIMIT_ENABLED', true),
'attempts' => env('API_RATE_LIMIT_ATTEMPTS', '30'),
'expires' => env('API_RATE_LIMIT_EXPIRES', '1'),

For how many hits you can preform on an endpoint, you can always check the header:

X-RateLimit-Limit →30
X-RateLimit-Remaining →29

Enable/Disable Rate Limiting:

The API rate limiting middleware is enabled and applied to all the Container Endpoints by default.

To disable it set API_RATE_LIMIT_ENABLED to false in the .env file.