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Version: 10.x


Definition & Principles#

Read Porto SAP Documentation (#Exceptions).


  • All Exceptions MUST extend App\Ship\Parents\Exceptions\Exception.
  • Shared (general) Exceptions between all Containers SHOULD be created in the Exceptions Ship folder (app/Ship/Exceptions/*).
  • Every Exception SHOULD have two properties code and message. You can override those values while throwing the error.

Folder Structure#

 - App    - Containers        - {section-name}            - {container-name}                - Exceptions                    - AccountFailedException.php                    - ...
    - Ship        - Exceptions            - CreateResourceFailedException.php            - NotFoundException.php            - ...

Code Samples#

Demo Exception#

class DemoException extends Exception{    public $code = Response::HTTP_CONFLICT;    public $message = 'This is a demo exception.';}

Usage from anywhere#

throw new AccountFailedException();

Usage with errors#

throw (new AccountFailedException())->withErrors(['email' => 'Email already in use']);throw (new AccountFailedException())->withErrors(['email' => ['Email already in use', 'Another message']]);

Usage with errors and localization#

For localization, you can use the Localization Container

// translation strings are automatically translated if the translations are found.throw (new AccountFailedException())->withErrors(['email' => '[email protected]']);


{  "message": "The exception error message.",  "errors": {    "email": [      "The email has already been taken."    ]  }}

Usage with Log for Debugging#

throw (new AccountFailedException())->debug($e); // debug() accepts string or \Exception instance

Usage and overriding the default#

throw new AccountFailedException('I am the message to be displayed to the user');