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Version: 10.x


Apiato ships with a few pre-defined and pre-configured containers. However, other developers may provide additional features in form of a respective container using Container Installer. Although these containers may work perfectly out of the box, they only serve as some kind of "blueprint" in order to get you kickstart your own application. These containers may not contain "production-ready code". Please revise them carefully.


These containers are developed by Apiato community and provided as is.

Feel free to add your containers to this list.

How to contribute

  1. Add a good documentation to your container.
  2. Make a PR and add your repository

Community Containers

ActivityLogLog Activities of Users and ModelsGitHub
NoteA Container handling Notes (e.g., ToDo Lists) for Eloquent Models.GitHub
MFAA Container to manage 2 Factor Authentication works with any Authenticator app.GitHub
SanctumImplementation of Laravel Sanctum in Apiato.GitHub