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Version: 10.x



composer require apiato/settings-container

Now run php artisan migrate

Seed the default settings#


This container works out of the box perfectly but if you want to change its configs or modify the codes you MUST follow these steps:

1- Copy the container from Vendor to AppSection (or any of your custom sections) of your project
2- Fix the namespaces
3- Remove apiato/settings-container dependency from project root composer.json

Seed default settings in app/Containers/YourSection/Settings/Database/Seeders/DefaultSystemSettingsSeeder.php

Read settings#

$value = $this->findSettingsByKeyTask->run('whateverSettingsName');

You can search for settings by Key as in the example above, or create a class for each setting as follows:

$value = $this->findWhateverSettingsTask->run();