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Version: 10.x



composer require apiato/settings-container

Now run php artisan migrate

Seed the default settings


This container works out of the box perfectly but if you want to change its configs or modify the codes you MUST follow these steps:

1- Copy the container from Vendor to AppSection (or any of your custom sections) of your project
2- Fix the namespaces
3- Remove apiato/settings-container dependency from project root composer.json

Seed default settings in app/Containers/YourSection/Settings/Database/Seeders/DefaultSystemSettingsSeeder.php

Read settings

$value = $this->findSettingsByKeyTask->run('whateverSettingsName');

You can search for settings by Key as in the example above, or create a class for each setting as follows:

$value = $this->findWhateverSettingsTask->run();