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  • Helpers are global PHP functions that you can call from anywhere in your application.
  • Helper files are simple PHP files that hold functions.


  • Helpers SHOULD be created inside the Containers. However, general Helpers CAN be created in the Ship layer.
  • You can create as many helper files as you need, per container.
  • You can implement as many helper functions as you need, per helper file.
  • All Helper files will be autoloaded by the framework.


  • Helpers CAN be placed inside the Containers in Helpers folder or on the Ship for the general Helpers.

Folder Structure#

- App
- Containers
- {section-name}
- {container-name}
- Helpers
- helpers.php
- mix.php
- ...
- Ship
- Helpers
- helpers.php
- mix.php
- ...


if (!function_exists('add')) {
function add(int $firstNumber, int $secondNumber): int
return $firstNumber + $secondNumber;
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