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Version: 11.x

API Versioning

Since Laravel does not support API versioning, Apiato provide a very easy way to implement versioning for your API.

How it works


When creating a new API endpoint, specify the version number in the route file name following this naming format {endpoint-name}.{version-number}.{documentation-name}.php.


  • MakeOrder.v1.public.php
  • MakeOrder.v2.public.php
  • ListOrders.v1.private.php


Automatically the endpoint inside that route file will be accessible by adding the version number to the URL.


  • http://api.apiato.test/v1/register
  • http://api.apiato.test/v1/orders
  • http://api.apiato.test/v2/stores/123

Version the API in header instead of URL

First remove the URL version prefix:

  1. Edit app/Ship/Configs/apiato.php, set prefix to 'enable_version_prefix' => 'false',.
  2. Implement the Header versioning anyway you prefer. (this is not implemented in Apiato yet. Consider a contribution).