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Version: 10.x

Useful Commands

Apiato is loaded with many useful commands to help you speed up the development process. You can see list of all commands, by typing php artisan and look for Apiato section.

Available Commands

  • php artisan apiato Display the current Apiato version.
  • php artisan apiato:apidoc Generate API Documentations with apidoc from your routes Docblock. More details.
  • php artisan apiato:create:admin Create a new User with the ADMIN role
  • php artisan apiato:generate:{component} Generate a specific component for the framework (e.g., Action, Task, ...). For more details on the Code Generator click here.
  • php artisan apiato:list:actions List all Actions in the Application.
  • php artisan apiato:list:tasks List all Tasks in the Application.
  • php artisan apiato:permissions:toRole Give all system Permissions to a specific Role.
  • php artisan apiato:seed-deploy Seeds your custom deployment data from app/Ship/Seeders/SeedDeploymentData.php.
  • php artisan apiato:seed-test Seeds your custom testing data from app/Ship/Seeders/SeedTestingData.php.
  • php artisan apiato:welcome Just saying welcome from a container.